Friday, March 23, 2007

Windsor and Kylie

After seeing the post about the new puppy at Living the Life, I wanted to get some pictures of our puppies up. Windsor, the Corgi, is is our "oldest" at 7 years. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old. Kylie, the Bearded Collie mix, is a rescue from North Carolina, that we got 4 years ago. She is 5.

Windsor is quite spoiled. He is a great dog, just rotten. Obviously, he thinks Kylie's bed is better than his. I don't know why he does not respect the label. Oh well....

Kylie does not care, though, as long as we promise to keep the window down when driving.

They both enjoy going to the beach. Windsor, much more so. Kylie, while enjoying herself, really would rather be back at the house, napping with Mark.

Mark is going to KILL me for that last picture.

Just a few more shots. Windsor's birthday. This was Pre Kylie days. Please excuse various things. The "unfinished" house. We were still working on the rehab.
The dogs above are from left to right - Angel, Quinella, and Bucko.

Windsor, not liking all of the dogs in his yard, stared at the back door, until we finally let him in.

That is, until the Swedish Valhound, Abba, from across the street came over. Then he could not get out fast enough.

This is Abba. Abba actually came from the same breeder that we got Windsor from. Cor-val Kennel in Chiefton, FL. She is a great dog. With her is her owner, Bruce.

This was Windsors one, and only birthday party. It was fun, but I don't think that he had such a great time. He did, however, enjoy the liver birthday cake.
Yuck! Until next time!


wcs said...

Great looking dogs ! Now I know what a bearded collie looks like...

mpabner said...

Thanks! She is, unfortunately, not a true beaded. She is called a Neardie, instead of a Beardie. most full blooded beardies have long hair. I think that she is beautiful none-the-less.

Ken Broadhurst said...

She is beautiful. Where in N.C. did you get her? Just curious, since I grew up in N.C. Thanks for the pictures.

mpabner said...

We got her from the Winston-salem area. The person who had her was a single mother. I don't think that she knew what she was getting into whe she got a dog for her very young child. She did not have enough time to devote to Kylie. She was also moving to Seattle and was not going to be able to take her. We got her through the Bearded Collie Rescue organization. Thanks for the compliment. I will let her know when I get home!