Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well, it has been a while, and Life is GOOD!!

I made it! I came through the whole semester unscathed! I am not sure what I made in Chemistry, as my final was last evening. However, I do know that I made an "A" in Early Childhood Development. I feel like I did OK, however, in Chemistry. It is, by no means, my strongest subject.
Now, I am looking at the calendar, and I only have 9 more working days left! I turned in my resignation yesterday! I could not be more excited about my future! (As if the overabundance of exclamation marks did not give that away!!!!!!)
So, in the immediate future, I am going to have to stay at my desk and attempt to focus on my actual job.

In the near future, post work, I am going to go have a rain and bug filled camping experience in the Everglades National Park. My dad, my brother, and I are driving down to the Everglades National Park Ranger Station in Everglades City, FL. Then, kayak out to one of the outer keys to do some beach camping. It will be great to be able to spend some time with both my father and brother. We have not done any travelling together in years.
Here is a link to our planned trip -,-81.434097&spn=0.082205,0.133381&t=h&z=13&om=1

Then, long term, I will be starting school full time at The University of Tampa in late August. That is what I am really excited about! I was one of those people who shunned college wanting to "live life" and get some real life experience. While I did, I missed out on a lot that College offers. Namely, an education that can get me ahead in life. I have done pretty well for myself, regardless. I have nothing to complain about in my life. I just want to make it better. So, I am.

Now, for a final bit of news. I have finally dumped the gas guzzling Mercury Mountaineer and bought a new car! I have purchased a Honda FIT. What a great little car! I went from 11-15 MPG to 38ish MPG! Now I no longer feel like a hypocrite when I rant about how we are running this planet into the ground. I can say that I am doing more of my part. Now, if I could just learn to accept the light that the energy efficient light bulbs give off, I could be just a little better.

Well, I got to work early so that I could post something. That means I have no access to my pictures. Hence all of the text. I have a lot of pictures so I will try to get some up this weekend.

Till then, have a good one!


Maja Gr├Ąddnos said...

Just passing by... Nice blog you have here! :)

Jason h said...

Hey! i'm going to cali this sunday.. gonna be there for a week, this is the site i was talking about where i made the extra cash. later!

wcs said...

Congrats, dude ! (that's me try to sound all college-like).

I can relate - I went back to school laer on (BA at 30, masters at 32) and I think it made a real difference. You're doing what you want, not what you think you're supposed to do. You're interested in what you're doing and that makes you a better student.

Enjoy the camping trip !

wcs said...

Uh, that was "later" on. Did I say I went to college ? Didn't learn how to type...

mpabner said...

Maja graddnos - Thanks for the complement!

Jason h - ??

WCS - Like, totally! Thanks for the vote of confidence!