Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The dog is finally with name

We have decided to call him Pablo. I think that his official name might be Pablo De Santa Nubes De Florida, as he came from Saint Cloud, FL.

Anyway, I will be taking, hopefully this weekend, lots of pictures of him, and of course the other dogs, and getting a better post up.

Have a great day!


Ken Broadhurst said...

I like Pablo. I was going to suggest Pepito because friends of ours in San Francisco had a chihuahua that went by that name. He was a great dog. But Pablo is very good. Hope all the canines are playing nicely together.

Loulou said...

our chihuahuas are named Speck (because he's too small to be a Spot) and Tico.
Pablo is a great name. Enjoy the addition to your family!