Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Dinner Pics

I got complements from Mark, so dinner was better than I thought. First, the roast. It turned out to be really good looking, and the taste was really good. The meat was moist. I cooked it at 250 for a few hours.
The vegetables turned out well, also. Various root vegetables, drizzled with olive oil, a little salt, and pepper.
They were baked along with the roast. Some, were baked in the same pan around the roast.

The Bread
It started out nice enough. After a few minutes of kneading it looked good to go, and ready for the first rise!
Well, here it is 5 hours later.
Having now run out of time go out to get a loaf, on Easter late afternoon, I decided NO BREAD!
Which is fine, as we are trying to lower the "bad" carbs, anyway.

Well, I also forgot to make the pie crust for the dessert - an egg custard pie. I thought, Why not roll some of the bread dough. It has not risen and may get crusty enough. Well, I learned my lesson. It was not bad, just not pie crust.
One final bit, I threw the dough in the trash, after toying with the idea of freezing it in portions, if the pie turned out good. Today was trash day, and it had rained all morning. Mark called me at work wondering what the pasty goo was that was all over the road as the trash truck had lost one of our bags on the street. So, he had to clean that up. So, never again will I wander from my tried and true brioche recipe.

Hope everyone had a great Easter.


wcs said...

That looks pretty darned good - but no photos of the roast cut open ? I know, I'm usually too hungry to get out the camera at serving time. ;)

mpabner said...

I know! As I was carrying the plates of food out to eat, I thought "I should take a picture of the plate." That was a pretty fleeting thought.