Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Dynamics

Well, my weekend went from tranquil to chaos.

My mother had a garage sale this weekend. I went home to help her with it. Home happens to be one of the best places on earth - Saint Simons Island, GA
This picture is of the South end Village. The main part of the island. When I was a kid, there was a Ferris wheel beside the big oak tree in the center. This particular spot is named Neptune Park, named for a slave of one of the plantation families who settled the island while Georgia was still a colony of England. The slave lived during the Civil War, and accompanied his master to fight for the "glorious cause. When his master was killed, he brought the body back home to the island, earning his freedom, and this parcel of land. The descendants of this man gave the land to the island for a park in his name.
The garage sale was successful. It was even visited by the Garage Sale Goddess herself, who blessed the sale! I am trying to get pictures of her. Hopefully, I can post some.

Then, after leaving and driving back down to Tampa, Mark and I went to the Roller Derby!!!!

What fun!

We witnessed a bout between the Switchblade Sisters:

and the Cigar City Mafia:

These girls rocked!!!

P.S. - all of these pics are the property of Derby darlins (except the one of the island, that was by Michael Sullivan). Hopefully, they won't come after me for using them!


wcs said...

Oh my, they still do Roller Derby ? I remember that from when I was a kid...

mpabner said...

There is a resurrection of the sport. It was very interesting...intimidating....but interesting. I enjoyed it very much.