Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter dinner

Happy Easter Eve!
So, this year, since Mark is working and I have no interruptions, I decided to make a big Easter dinner, just for the two of us when he gets home. The dinner is basically a Boliche (except this one is stuffed with Italian Sausage instead of Chorizo) roasted root vegetables, and Greek Easter Bread. this is a two day process, so we will see how it turns out.

Start with an eye round roast. Use this type of roast because it is very lean and the stuffing will add moisture. Other types of roasts have more fat, so you don't need to stuff it.
I seasoned with pepper and hot pepper flakes, for a little heat.

Stuff this with Italian Sausage. I have not found any directions on how to create the hole in the roast, other than cutting half way through, filling, folding back over and typing back together.
I took my steel for honing my knives and punched a hole through the steak. Then, I took a long skinny serrated knife and used that inside to cut an X shape though the center.

Then, I took a french style (tapered) rolling pin, and stuffed the sausage into the cavity.

Then, to add some more moisture and some salty, smoky seasoning, I wrapped the whole roast in slices of bacon. In between the bacon and the roast, I placed a few sprigs of rosemary.

This will be roasted at a long, slow temperature to keep it tender.

The vegetable will be a mixture of Sweet Potato, Beets, carrots, etc. roasted with the Boliche. Added toward the end of the cooking period.

The bread is an interesting recipe I found in epicurious. It has LOTS of yeast to make a big puffy loaf. Hopefully, it will taste OK instead of look OK. I will post that, and the results of two days of work, tomorrow.

Unless, of course, it all ends up in the trash can. Then, I may post about our Easter Night Out!

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wcs said...

Looks good - can't wait to see the finished dish !