Sunday, June 17, 2007

The $29.99 Ace Hardware Special!

So, Mark read in the paper that Ace was having a special on Adirondack Chairs. $29.95 each! They were white cedar. The only drawback? They were a kit. Being somewhat handy, that was not that big of a draw back. So, we bought 2.

First, you have to unpack and organize the chair. (In back is one of a set that we bought, completed. There is also one of the kit chairs that I have completed, before I remembered to get my camera.

SO, then you have to put the thing together. Luckily, kits have all of the parts for you. It is like putting a puzzle together, only with instructions for where each part goes.

The next step, since we were painting them, was to prime.

Then, finally, a nice Cerulean Blue color to liven up the backyard.

The finished product:

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wcs said...

The blue was a good choice - that's my vote. ;)