Saturday, June 2, 2007

Much too busy!

So, I have been crazy busy lately. I have been working full time and taking classes at night. Generally, this has not been too bad. However, I am utilizing, for the last time, the low cost of community college to finalize some prerequisites for the Nursing Program at UT. Right now we are in the summer session. During this session, the school cuts the time, in weeks, of the class in half, and doubles the class time, in hours per day. This would, in theory, allow one to take 2 times the number of classes in the same time period. However, for someone who works full time, this is a NIGHTMARE. I will usually take 1 class during this time frame. In order to make it into the RN program, I needed to take 2 classes this time. Of course, they only offer both of these courses in the first half of the intersession. So, I have the joy of being in class Monday - Thursday until 10:00 in the evening.
Oh, did I mention that I also work 40 hours a week, and I need to be at work at 8:00 AM. Did I also mention that I have 3 dogs? One of which REFUSES to utilize the wonderful back yard that we provide for him to do his business. So, he has to go for a walk. Yep, this would be the snooty English one. So, I get up at 5:30ish AM (depending on how many times I hit the snooze button), shower, wake Mark up, we both walk the dogs, give them there meds (the Scottish one has horrendous allergies), go to work, deal with the criminals that I find, go to school, then go home. Try to unwind, eat, visit with the doggies, talk to my partner, and get in bed early enough that I am not a complete jerk the next day. Needless to say, my blogging has completely gone out of the window. I try to lurk at my favorite blogs, and leave a comment now and then. But, alas, I have no time to really post. So, tonight, I made some time.

What is getting me through this schedule from hell, is that I am planning on quiting my job (YAY!!!!!!!!!), with my last day being the 31st of July. I will be going back to school full time starting in late August at the University of Tampa.

Finnally, please forgive the total irrelevance of the picture. Other than some calming effect, I am using it because I have managed to loose my camera. I am sure that it is in some pocket, somewhere. I have a few pictures that I wanted to upload. The above one, is of an arrangement that Mark made from flowers in our yard. Hope you enjoy it!

Until next time, when I make some more time!


Loulou said...

I wondered where you'd gone to!
I'll keep a look out for your next post.
How wonderful that you're going to school full time! Just try to keep from getting too tired and stressed until the end of July...

mpabner said...

Thanks! I am definitely trying not to get burnt out. I just keep thinking - one week at a time. Not about the whole, somewhat overwhelming thing.

wcs said...

Best of luck - you sound very committed to your plan and that's great. I did the work/night school thing for a while (I was very young) and it sucked. But it was over soon enough and I was glad I did it. Hang in there. :)