Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Big Visit

So, Mark's Mother, Hester, and his Niece, Brielle, came down to visit. Brielle and Pablo took an immediate liking to each other.

We all played "Adventure Golf" at Congo River

Brielle looking at the Aligators at the entrance. She was able to feed them as well. She got a pole, with string rigged with a plastick clip and a bag of hotdogs cut into 3rds. Hating hotdogs myself I figured that Aligators would have a more discriminating taste. Nope. I was wrong. They went CRAZY for the things. Climbing over each other and snapping at the food. It was fun.

Hester and myself.

We also all went to Universal Islands of Adventure!

Brielle cooling off in the spray from the Jurasic Park Ride. I was with her for a few of the sprays. One cannot get much wetter.


wcs said...

Ah, Florida, land of fun in the sun. And alligators.

Looks like a great time !

Ken Broadhurst said...

I think alligators eat much more disgusting things than hot dogs. I can see why the frankfurters would be a treat for them.

mpabner said...

You may have something there, Ken!

mpabner said...

WCS, we did have a great time.